Our proven growth strategy & exit-engineered execution primarily achieves our clients' growth objectives and ensures smooth exits, thus maximizing the shareholder/enterprise value.

Resonant Capital

As a startup evolves, different types of capital are accessible. Each of these sources has its benefits, timed usefulness, cost of accepting the funds and the ability to attract the next stage of capital if necessary. At the U-Group, these services are integrated into the value creation model which is purely driven to maximize the shareholder/enterprise value at exit. Maximizing the shareholder value becomes the underlying criteria on which a management must choose the type of capital it accesses.

Resonant Capital harmonizes the need with the source and hence is the best optimized sources of capital—maximizing the value to be created with the investment in the enterprise at a particular stage, with minimum dilution feasible, to enhance returns at exit. During this process, the entrepreneur strives to eliminate redundancy of investment in infrastructure of services, including outsourced people resources, without investments in non-critical hard assets like machinery, building etc. which can further maximize shareholder value— a mantra that the entrepreneur, board, management & the employees must be committed to.

Resonant Capital is offered only to the U-Group companies.

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