Our proven growth strategy & exit-engineered execution primarily achieves our clients' growth objectives and ensures smooth exits, thus maximizing the shareholder/enterprise value.

Plan Assurance

Deviations from the plan are inevitable in growing a business and numerous unforeseen challenges will arise. We believe it takes more than capital to ensure companies are able to execute on their plans and realize their potential. We have a deep and broad understanding of intellectual property and are equipped to identify unrealized or undervalued IP opportunities.

Plan Assurance™ assists in the execution of the baseline plan.
We have highly experienced executives in all disciplines of operations including marketing, strategy, sales, finance, business development, manufacturing and supply chain management. Our executives are driven to enhance an enterprise’s value and receive work fees from the company for execution assistance.

Plan Turboxit™ for design and launch of accelerated growth & exit.
In parallel, our team will develop and help execute Plan Turboxit™. With support of the company’s management team, we drive accelerated growth to maximize shareholder value. Our team shares a part of the execution enterprise value that we help create—performance-based compensation measured in an agreed upon 24-36 month period.

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